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As I write my column I have just seen on my ‘Dog Face’ the equivalent to humans’ ‘Facebook’- that it is the first day of Autumn!
Well as the agility summer season is drawing to a close, Kora and I have one more out- door show left this year.
Look no further than Natural Instinct, the no stress, no mess way to feed raw.
Forever Hounds Trust is the new name for GRWE, Greyhound Rescue West of England, a rescue and homing charity...
In recent years there’s been a growing trend for alternatives to the traditional pet foods.
When you decide to have a pet in your life, it’s natural to want to give it the best you can so you have a happy life together.
When The Mayhew Animal Home first discovered four- year-old Great Dane and Bullmastiff Crossbreed Chester, he was emaciated and abandoned on the streets.
Bonfire Night may be loved by many of us humans, but you can never stress enough each year how scary it is for animals...
An entrepreneur who has proved that you can make a good living working with animals, is now offering..
Greater understanding of the importance of environmental enrichment...
At the Mare and Foal Sanctuary the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are a very busy time of year.

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