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Our Best Friends - Winter 2014

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Hello you wonderful creatures great and small!
Well on this lovely sunny day I am lying in my hammock with my hat on and a rather fetching little bikini!
The day you collect your new puppy is a magical moment.  That gorgeous soft puppy fur, those melting eyes, tiny little paws and happy pink-tongue smile – its all very exciting for both you and your new friend.
If you have made the decision to bring a dog into your family and home – congratulations, you have many happy years ahead of you! The decisions you make now are vital if you are to ensure you are choosing the right breed of dog.
Is your pet a fussy eater or a sensitive one? A sensitive eater may show physical symptons such as loose stools and flatulence, whereas a fussy eater will refuse to eat what is offered to him.
With over 400,000 ex-commercial hens now re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust it is becoming more and more apparent just how many people are discovering the joys and benefits of keeping chickens as a family pet.
The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by the late Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE who dedicated her life to championing donkeys.
Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 2014 kicks off on 10 May this year and organisers are asking  pet rabbit owners to support this year’s awareness campaign by making ‘One Small Hop’ of change to their care routine for their rabbits.
If you are an allergy sufferer, going on holiday can be traumatic. Bed bugs, dustmites, pollen, mould and insect bites can make your life a misery.

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