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Welcome to our bright, lively and informative website where you can search for that special rescue pet, find your local vet, read animal care features, and animal charity news, research product information AND download our Rescue and Animal Care Magazine for FREE!

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Rescue and Animal Care has been established in hard copy for many years and can still be picked up (for free) at selected veterinary surgeries and other animal related outlets throughout the UK, with 10 issues being published each year.

Our website and magazine also offers a perfect advertising vehicle for any pet business to promote their products and serviceaudience.

I am so excited that Christmas is nearly here! There’s lots of presents already wrapped up and I think they are mostly all mine.

For most of us eating tasty food can be a pretty enjoyable experience and we also know that a healthy diet affects our quality of life.

Working with animals is something that people dream of doing and it's something that we help many people achieve.

Mylo means the world to his owner, Kim, who has a neurological condition and a motorised wheel chair to help her get around.

Crafty cat-lovers are being urged to help unwanted and abandoned cats this autumn by making cosy blankets and fun mouse toys as part of Cats Protection’s knitting bee.

More than half of dog owners have never cleaned their dogs’ teeth, despite 88 per cent1 of owners recognising that oral hygiene is important to their dog’s health, according to a new survey of British dog owners.

Many of us will be looking forward to the next few months; with the festivities, parties, holidays and presents being just some of the fun.

Three tiny, defenceless puppies aged between 10 and 12 weeks old, were left out in the freezing cold and rain last Boxing Day with only cardboard for shelter.

November 2016 sees the launch of a brand new pet health advice service, PetGP ( which is set to save owners across the UK £100s from unnecessary trips to the vet.

As the days are shorter the nights are colder and the ground is wetter our pets may need different assistance through the winter months.

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