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Border Collie Trust

In 1976 – the year when Border Collies were recognised by the Kennel Club, a lady called
Hazel Monk began the organisation to rescue Border Collies

Hazel helped many dogs during the next 15 years – sadly she died in October 1992. In 1996 Border Collie Trust
became a registered charity. They felt it was vital to be fully accountable – although they had always kept financial records.

In 1997 the Trust launched a kennel appeal hoping that with lots of fund raising a permanent kennels would be possible. The Trust was very blessed to receive a large donation. This enabled Trustees to purchase a 41⁄2 acre site, which was a boarding kennel. The kennels were old and dilapidated and funds were sought to replace
these with a new block designed for Border Collies.

During the following years much has changed. Further large donations have seen the opening of a kennel block of 20 kennels and a separate block of 14 kennels for boarding. In 2003 they moved the admin office from the house to a purpose built area. In 2006 a further kennel block of 7 kennels for special needs dogs was built. Since then further improvements to the kennels and site have been seen and in more recent times work on improving the enrichment of dogs lives has commenced. With the increase of work and need staff numbers have grown at the centre. The Boarding block has been successful and this income is much needed to cover running costs.

"The Trust also operates a “Sponsor a Dog” scheme which enables them to take a few older dogs and give them a home for life – generally few people want to take on an elderly collie."

The dogs they rescue come to the Border Collie Trust from other rescues, often as strays and also from their own homes, where due to a variety of reasons the owner can no longer care for the dog. The Trust tries to place each dog in a suitable permanent home. There are no time limits and some dogs stay there for many months. Often a farm dog is very shy and needs much staff input to socialise it before the dog is suitable to be homed. Theye have excellent working relationships with Dogs Trust and other dog rescue organisations. All dogs are wormed, vaccinated and microchipped and leave the trust with their promise to take our dogs back at any time should circumstances change.

For further information call Border Collie Trust on 0871 5602282, visit