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Hand Rearing Puppies

As the whelping season approaches, most of the time we imagine a happy mum suckling her puppies but it does not always turn out that way. Sasha had a caesarean and could not bear to be near her 6 puppies let alone suckle them so hand rearing was the only option!

The Key to Success

There were 5 small puppies and 1 large and they were all squeaking at the top of their voices. They arrived late at night. They had had colostrum which is essential for their immune system After that, it was up to us. Feeding during the first month had to be little and often – every 4 hours, 24/7.  A good milk replacer is essential and your vet will advise you on the best option. Cows’ milk is a definite no, no because it does not contain the nutrients that they need. Follow the directions carefully and make sure the bottles and teats are kept squeaky clean. The milk should be fed warm – at wrist temperature.

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